The Light Body 

Light is energy, and energy is information. Each human being is an unique structure of light, vibration and information. From this perspective, our frequency of light determines the quality of our lives. The luminous energy field that surrounds our physical body holds the blueprint that instructs our molecules, cells and genes. The information stored in the energy field is brought into form and function through the chakra system, nervous system, and brain. We are an embodiment of our vibration. Energy medicine works with the intelligence of light to upgrade our cellular system, and strengthen our life force through the mitochondria. Light is the source of our original nature, and carries the seed instructions for life. We can remember how to be alive within ourselves at the deepest level of our being. Energy Medicine is for those ready to live a life of new possibility. 

Shamanic Energy Medicine

The Q’eros people are the Earthkeepers of the Andes, who live among the sacred mountains of Peru. They are descendants of the first medicine people who crossed the Bering Strait 30,000 years ago. Through the centuries, they preserved the ancient wisdom teachings, and today their knowledge is reentering the world in an effort to support humanity. The shamanic healing technology of the Andes is exquisite, ahead of our time, and offered to us from love. My practice is informed by this beautiful mountain lineage, and I assist others to bring awareness to the energetic patterns bound up within. These patterns of disharmony stem from a root cause: a wound, trauma or belief that continues to express itself throughout the living systems of the body, mind and heart. Healing begins when we shed light on the source of disharmony, and return to right relationship with Life. The power of shamanic medicine allows us to see through new eyes, through the spiritual wisdom of our hearts. I hold space for others to remember their original nature, as others have done for me. This is the art and service of my practice. 

A Shamanic Energy session begins with a brief discussion to discover the energetics of the physical, emotional or life situation that you have been unable to resolve. Sessions take place on a massage table fitted with an amethyst biomat to aid in relaxation. We work together in sacred space to open to the healing wisdom of the lineage, and through the assistance of my Mesa (medicine bundle), release the discordant energies that have created obstacles to your full potential and growth. After the session, I support you to embody the energetic shifts through personal ceremonial homework, and to envision the higher potential of your journey. If you respond to the initial session, then I recommend committing to 3-5 sessions for the most powerful shift and resolutions. Sessions are offered in person (Vancouver, BC) or remotely anywhere in the world. The following techniques may be applied: 

Illumination: This process combusts undigested energies and toxic residue within the chakra system: the seven plexuses that connect to the central nervous system, endocrine system and major organs. Imprints from trauma can be cleared and reset to higher frequencies of beauty and light. 


Extraction: This process releases invasive energies, crystalizations and cords from our light body. When we recognize the thought patterns and belief systems passed down through our genetics, we can shift our affinities and strengthen our energetic boundaries. 


Soul Retrieval: This journey assists us to discover the original wounds and contracts that bind our consciousness to the past. The subconscious domain takes us into the mythic underworld, where we can retrieve the precious parts of ourselves that we lost: the soul gifts, traits and qualities that empower us. This is a two hour process that requires previous sessions with me. 


Bands of Power: This energetic transmission weaves five energetic belts into the Luminous Energy Field that break down negative energies that come toward us through the five elements of earth, water, fire, air, and light. May we walk through the world with true power and protection. 

Ayni Despacho:  A ceremonial gift of gratitude to Mother Earth created with natural elements - flowers, fruits, plants, seeds, and leaves - that hold the prayers and blessings of the participants. This powerful living mandala shifts energy, awakens healing, and restores Ayni (balance) within ourselves, our relationships, and the natural world. Individual, couples and group ceremonies available. 




Single 90min Session      ~    $140.00 

Three  90min Sessions    ~    $390.00 

Five  90Min Sessions       ~    $625.00


"Kristen is an amazing mind-body healer. I've worked with her over the course of six months on healing from emotional trauma related to a childhood illness. Kristen has helped me access and attend to these old traumas in a way that has led to increased mental and physical wellbeing. Each session has been powerful, with tangible and long-lasting impacts that have helped me feel like, after years of struggling with these issues, that I have finally begun to substantially resolve them." 
~ Debra Rolfe
Shamanic Energy Medicine helped me to realize some of the deepest blocks in my energy, memory and psychology. I feel that with Kristen’s guidance I have made clear connections between my past, and how I perceive life in the present. I now have a greater understanding of who I am, and what has shaped me thus far. This has enabled me to have more confidence in who I choose to be in the present, and greater wellbeing on my path into the future.  
~Keith Randall.