The Art & Science Of Light

A great lesson guided me to return to right relationship with Life. I traveled a long road through a tumultuous landscape until I learned to walk with gratitude in my heart. My experience has shown me that the cause of suffering is the belief that we are separate from Life. I know that many of us face the same great lesson on the planet at this time. We have come to recognize the depth of our disconnection from the sacred principles that guided our ancestors, the ones who mapped the stars and walked the earth with gentle feet. Light is the first material of the universe. There is a visible light that gives life to our planet, and an invisible light that emanates from within. The Art and Science of Light speaks to the medicine of the Spirit. It is the knowledge found within all wisdom traditions that teaches us to live in harmony with the natural laws. It is the quality of consciousness that resonates with truth, love and peace. It is the potential within every human being to know their wholeness. My service as a mind body practitioner honours the golden tradition that we are all apart of. The light at dawn is a living symbol of my journey, and a reminder of the essence of my spirit. In the heart of our hearts, there is a place where fire becomes light; within the brilliant blaze of the Aurora our consciousness awakens into new life. 




Mind Body Therapy

For The Whole Human Being

Kristen Ann McCarthy has a natural instinct for the language of the soul. She graduated with an honours degree in fine arts from the University of British Columbia, and her personal journey into the nature of healing led her to study with teachers from wisdom traditions in yoga, shamanism, and gnosticism for over sixteen years. She is an experienced certified yoga teacher, full mesa carrier, and received her training in shamanic energy medicine through the Light Body School of Energy Medicine with the Four Winds Society. Currently, she is a student of transpersonal psychology with the Pneuma System and the Inkarri Transpersonal Association. Kristen lives in Vancouver, British Columbia along the Rocky Mountain Range, and has gratitude for the community of people who hold her to the highest potential within herself.