Harmonize your home yoga practice with the wise cycles of nature, the sun, moon and stars.


Create the sacred time and space to deepen into your home practice.

Join me each month for seasonal yoga practices that create a foundation of stillness, peace and healing for your body and soul.


Exclusive Content

Members only monthly themed bundles of full length classes with practice guides and music playlists. 

Monthly Calendars

Themed practice calendars with a selection of curated yin yoga, slow flows and yoga nidra. 

Mini Programs

Quarterly mini programs and speciality classes to guide you deeper into the layers of your practice. 

Seasonal Guides

Seasonal booklets with Ayurvedic insights into practice, self-reflection and intention setting.

Ad Free Youtube Classes

Practice shorter youtube classes without ads, including classes no longer available on youtube.


"Practicing yoga with Kristen online these past couple years has been such a blessing. Having the ability to access her teachings regularly, she has become like a steady companion and consistent healing presence ."


- Kali B, from nature body flow




Combine your yoga practice with the seasonal wisdom of Ayurveda for deeper healing benefits.


Practice for the changing new moon energies, and create your intentions for the monthly cycle ahead.


Balance your energy with morning and evening practices for your rhythm, and the time of year.

  • TIME to focus on essential self care for body, mind and spirit.

  • FREEDOM to practice from the quiet comfort of your home. 

  • TRANSFORM daily tension into relaxation and inner peace. 

  • FLEXIBILITY to choose the length and style of your practice.


  • DEEPEN your practice and your inner connection to self. 

  • LAYER your practice with pranayama, mudra, and mantra. 

  • LEARN to practice with the healing wisdom of Ayurveda.  



The Yoga with Kristen Membership is hosted on an HD video streaming platform that you can access on demand from your computer, phone or tv.

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Monthly Membership

$26 / month, cancel anytime.

  • Exclusive classes every month. 

  • Full membership library

  • Programs and discounts

  • Watch HD on any device. 

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6 Month Membership

$22 / month, cancel anytime.


  • Exclusive classes every month. 

  • Full membership library

  • Programs and discounts

  • Watch HD on any device. 


Yoga With Kristen

Kristen McCarthy is a yoga and meditation teacher from Vancouver, Canada. 


Her classes are inspired by the grace of the natural world, and the Vedic wisdom that guides us toward our inner nature. 

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Frequently asked questions

What is the Yoga With Kristen Membership?

Yoga With Kristen is an online membership platform that allows you to stream yoga classes in HD on your computer, tv and iphone. You'll have access to a growing library of full length membership classes and shorter ad-free youtube classes Practice anytime, anywhere.

How is the Membership different than your Youtube channel?

Kristen's Youtube channel offers an introduction to her teaching with shorter practices. The Yoga With Kristen Membership guides you deeper into your home yoga practice, and into the wisdom of the yoga tradition combined with the knowledge of Ayurveda:

  • Full length members only classes.
  • Layered practices for the monthly moon phase.
  • Seasonal yin yoga and yoga flow practices.
  • Themed monthly practice guides.
  • Curated monthly playlists.
  • Seasonal yoga and Ayurveda guides.
  • Quarterly mini programs to deepen practice.
  • Deeper healing insights into practices.
  • Self reflection questions.
  • Spotify Playlists.
In addition to membership classes, you can practice youtube classes ad-free (including classes no longer available on the youtube channel).