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Full Moon Yin Yoga

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Awaken your receptivity, intuition and inner calm

Join me for a full moon yin yoga and pranayama practice to bask in the healing rays of the moon.

In the yoga tradition, soma represents the divine feminine principle that shines through the beauty of the moon. Soma is the the light within the darkness and the rejuvenating force of healing.

Full Moon Yin Yoga Sequence

This 45 minute yin yoga and pranayama practice opens the lunar channels of energy to awaken our receptivity, intuition and inner sense of calm.

Our practice begins with chandra bhedana (moon piercing breath), where we inhale through the left nostril (lunar channel), and exhale through the right nostril (solar channel) to calm the mind.

From this space of relaxation, we move through meditative yin yoga postures that massage the tissues of the sacrum, lower back, inner and outer hips, and shoulders.

Finally, we rest under the healing rays of the full moon with a visualization of a silver two-petaled lotus at the third eye. Awaken from practice feeling rested and rejuvenated.

Let me know if you enjoyed this full moon yin yoga practice in the comments!

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