• Kristen McCarthy

Yin Yoga for Detox

Release physical, mental and emotional stagnation

Join me for a yin yoga detox sequence that gently circulates fluids through your body, removes wastes from your tissues and strengthens your immune system.

Natural Spring Cleanse

In the spring months, our bodies move through a natural process of detoxification. It's a healthy time to support your liver, blood and lymphatic fluids with leafy greens and mindful movement.

This yin yoga practice not only aids in physical detoxification, it also restores the movement of prana or vital life force energy through your body and mind.

When energy begins to open up and flow, you can release the emotional stagnation that weights you down - leaving you feeling lighter and brighter.

Yin Yoga Detox Sequence

This yin yoga sequence focuses on target areas of tissue that compress and massage the large intestine and colon, small intestine and heart, live and gallbladder, and kidney and urinary bladder.

It also opens the channels of energy through the nadis that tone and support your major organs.

Let me know in the comments how you feel after the practice!

Please share this practice with your friends!

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