• Kristen McCarthy

Yin Yoga for Healing

Return to inner stillness in body, mind and heart.

This yin yoga for healing practice connects us to the essence of stillness within ourselves. As one of my teachers, Dr. David Frawley says, "The highest healing comes from stillness."

The Healing Power of Yin

The healing power or shakti of yin yoga is inner stillness, which arises from the feminine principle of receptivity and regeneration. This quality of being also lives at the heart of the Yoga Sutras.

Through our yin yoga practice, we'll explore the spaces of stillness that arise naturally within our body, breath and mind - and invite in an awareness of stillness into our everyday lives.

Yin Yoga for Healing Sequence

  • Child's Pose: Our practice begins with a connection to the healing qualities of the earth. Feel the stillness from the core of the earth through the bones of your body while in the posture.

  • Sphinx: Transition onto your forearms with your elbows underneath your shoulders, and notice the fullness of your breath through your chest.

  • Half Frog: Slide one leg toward your armpit and rest your lower back. Become aware of the pause at the top of your inhale, and the pause at the bottom of your exhale. Switch sides.

  • Dangle: Round back through child's pose, and then tuck your toes and come into a standing forward fold. Release excess energy downward into the earth (apana vayu).

  • Butterfly: Slowly lower to the earth, bend the knees and brings the soles of your feet together. Allow your mind to rest in the still and quiet spaces between your thoughts.

  • Happy Baby: Bring your spine to the ground and allow the knees to drop to the armpits with the soles of your feet to the sky. Invite the qualities of stillness into your five senses.

  • Savasana: Allow your inner perception to open to stillness at the core of your being.

How do you make space for stillness into your life? I'd love to hear from your in the comments.


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