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Yin Yoga for Spring

Updated: May 24

Renew your vital energy and refresh your spirit

Join me for a yin yoga for spring practice to renew your vitality, and return to an inner state of flow and movement in body, mind and spirit.

The spring equinox is the transition from the stillness of winter into the vitality of spring. This is a time of renewal, rebirth and inner growth - when we can nourish the seeds of potential within our hearts.

It's also a wonderful time to create a seasonal sankalpa or intention for our yoga practices.

Yin Yoga and Ayurveda

When we combine yin yoga postures with the five elements of nature, our practices truly become a healing therapy or yoga chikitsa that brings us into balance with the seasonal cycles.

This spring yin yoga practice balances kapha, the water element. It will break up stagnancies in our body, and gently cleanse accumulated wastes from our deep tissues and inner organs.

Spring Yin Yoga Sequence

We'll move through a series of yin postures that stimulate the movement of prana (energy) through the liver and gallbladder lines, and help us release congested emotions:

  • Seated Meditation: Our practice begins with a meditation to connect with the spirit of the spring, and plant new seeds for growth with our seasonal sankalpa or intention.

  • Dragonfly pose: We'll open the tissue lines through the inner thighs and lengthen the ligaments of the back to support the kidneys and urinary bladder.

  • Twisted Dragon pose: We'll progressively deepen into the hips and groin to move energy through the liver lines, and massage the inner organs.

  • Sphinx pose: We'll compress the sacrum and lower back to revisit the kidney and urinary bladder lines, and massage the adrenal glands.

  • Banana pose: Finally, we'll finish by opening the the side lines of the body along the hips. waist. ribcage and armpits to stimulates the gallbladder energy line.


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