• Kristen McCarthy

Yin Yoga for Summer

Cool your body, calm your mind, and soothe your soul.

This yin yoga for summer practice will cool, calm and soothe your soul when it's hot outside.

Summer is the season of fire, and an excess of fire can lead to imbalances like trapped heat in the body, inflammation and emotional irritation.

Through our yin practice we'll soothe the fires of the heart, and balance the waters of the body.

Summer Yin Yoga Sequence

Our practice begins with jala mudra and a short meditation to call in the element of water to counterbalance the excess of fire.

We'll transition into yin postures that release congestion through our arms, shoulders and upper back, and open the flow of prana to the heart.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the fire element is connected to the heart meridian line, which regulates the circulation of our blood and houses our inner spirit.

Finally, we'll stimulate the kidney and bladder meridian lines through forward folds and backbends. The water element is connected to the kidneys, which balances the fluid content of the body.

Our practice ends with Sheetali pranayama, a cooling breath that soothes our body and mind.

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