• Kristen McCarthy

Yin Yoga Twist & Cool

Refresh your body, and calm your mind.

Join me for a yin yoga twist and cool practice to refresh your body and mind when it's hot outside.

Pitta Dosha

According to Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga, the summer is the season of pitta when the fire element is at it's strongest.

Pitta dosha is one of the three doshas or humours that combines the fire and water elements. It governs our metabolism, bile production and maintains the health of our agni or digestive fire.

The summer months increase pitta dosha, as heat accumulates in the tissue layers and organs of our body. This leads to digestive disturbances, skin rashes, inflammation, and headaches.

Not to mention a flare up of hot emotions like frustration, irritation and anger.

Yoga Twists for Summer

The counterbalance to fire is water, and the wisdom is to cool, refresh and flow.

Yoga twists are the perfect summer antidote, as they encourage the movement of nourishing fluids to our internal organs and soothe our digestive fire. We increase water, and decrease fire.

When the waters of the body saturate our digestive system, it activates our parasympathetic response and regulates our internal temperature. We feel refreshed and light in body and mind.

Try this yin yoga twist sequence, and let me know how you feel afterwards in the comments!

Please share this practice with your friends!

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