• Kristen McCarthy

Yoga Nidra for Healing Sleep

Rest your mind in a space of perfect stillness and peace.

This 20 minute Yoga Nidra for healing sleep mediation will expand your awareness from the physical body, into the subtle energy body and deeper into the dream or astral body. .

Healing with Yogic Sleep

Your practice begins with conscious relaxation and mindful breath. As your brain waves slow down, you'll naturally enter a space between waking and sleeping known as yogic sleep.

Yogic sleep is a dreamless state of sleep that's deeply healing for the body and mind.

61 Points of Awareness

I'll guide you through shavayatra, the 61 point concentration technique that rotates your awareness from point to point in your physical body.

These points connect to nerve sensitive tissue and vital energy centres known as marma points.

As you move your awareness, you release subconscious emotional stress in your body, and stimulate the movement of prana or life force energy to balance the body and mind.

Open to Inner Stillness

Our healing meditation ends with a visualization of the Aurora Borealis. The rainbow coloured light dissolves worry and tension and awakens a sense of inner stillness and peace.

Practice Yoga Nidra in savasana with headphones for best experience.


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"This was a major turning point in my healing journey. I never thought Yoga Nidra would be the answer I have been looking for for years ~ Arlene B.

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