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Do you hear the call for inner transformation?

If you're a woman who is ready to heal her past and grow into her spirit - then shamanic energy healing and meditation can transform your life. 

These profound practices carry you through passages from one way of being to another, and help you heal at deeper levels of who you are. 

Healing passages can look like major life changes, challenges, grief and loss, dead ends and unexpected beginnings.


Instead of coping or surviving, you can walk through a conscious process of change to restore vibrancy, vitality and clarity to your life. 

My sessions are supported by a medicine bundle called a Mesa that's initiated into a healing lineage and wisdom tradition. 


I hold space for you to ask the deeper questions, and uncover the greater wisdom within yourself. 


The natural energies of shamanic medicine comes from Mother Earth - the life force of earth, water, fire, wind, sun, moon, stars, mountains, and oceans. 


What awakens is your own healing nature, the part of yourself that knows how to return to balance with life. 

Authentic healing unfolds on all levels of who you are - body, mind, and soul - arises as inner peace despite the ever-changing circumstances of life. 


I invite you to transform into new skin like the butterfly of many colours.


I offer both in-person and long distance sessions. 


"I hope I'm able to convey just how powerful and transformation working with Kristen was for me. Each session flowed into the next with a level of depth I haven't experienced anywhere else.  I connected to so much more than I anticipated or expected. Kristen provided enough context both within and outside of the sessions that I felt truly supported, and like my progress and growth was as much a priority for her as it was for me. This was a true partnership on every level and I'm beyond grateful." 

~ K. M

Energy Healing Session 

1.5 hrs  / 


 An individual shamanic energy session will initiate a process of healing, inner movement and self-understanding to shine a light on your path forward. Sessions begin with a short meditation, and move into energy work and soulful integration. I recommend more than one session to receive the full benefits of this healing work. 

Soul Retrieval Journey 

5 Sessions / 


*Payment plan available

Are you ready to step into the full life expression you're meant to live? Release undigested emotions, subconscious beliefs, and familial patterns holding you back, and integrate the essential qualities of your soul that want to be expressed. 

We meet every two weeks for a five session energy process that guides you through a complete cycle of healing on the medicine wheel. This journey includes an extended Soul Retrieval Process, the Bands of Power Protection Rites, and Soul Mapping. 




SOUTH: The Old Skin (session 1): Identify the hidden pattern that no longer serves you, and cleanse the first energetic layer of your being. This initial session prepares your energy body for deeper healing work. 1.5 hours. 


WEST: Shadows (session 2 & 3): Continue to unravel a subconscious pattern through body, mind and heart, and explore life experiences, primary relationships, perinatal and birth memories, and ancestral lineage. 1.5 hours each. 

NORTH: Soul Gifts (session 4): An extended soul retrieval session to call back the parts of your essential self that were lost due to shock, fear and trauma. Receive the gifts and inner medicine that you need to nurture a new commitment to life. 2 hours. 


EAST: Death & Rebirth (session 5): A seven chakra illumination to help you transcend the energetic pattern of the past, and step into the light of a brand new cycle. Receive the Bands of Power Protection Rites to help you integrate the changes. 2 hours. 

Meditation Session 

1 hr  / 


*Package rates available 

Seated meditation guides you through a process of conscious relaxation, pranayama (breath work), mantra (sound repetition) and inner observation of subconscious thoughts, emotions and energetic patterns. This profound practice transforms your nervous system and enhances body mind communication to help you break through 

negative habits and obstacles. There is no energy work included in these sessions.

Online Program 

6 weeks / 


Journey Into Wisdom is an online Yoga Nidra Meditation program that guides you through a step-by-step healing process into the five layers of body, mind and soul. Yoga Nidra is a sacred practice of conscious relaxation and psychic sleep that awakens your healing intelligence for greater harmony, balance and vitality in your life. 

The next program begins Feb 2020, join the waitlist below to stay informed. 

Benefits of Energy Healing

HEAL your relationships to self, others and the world.  


RECLAIM your intuition, self-esteem and self-worth. 


RELEASE undigested emotions that keep you stuck.


HONOUR your sacred inner voice and expression. 

OPEN to the gifts and potential of your soul.


RESTORE vibrancy, vitality, and clarity to your life.    


CONNECT to your inner compass and truth. 

Please Note: Energy Healing and meditation work in harmony with other holistic healthcare and therapeutic modalities. They're not a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis and treatment. Energy healing practitioners do not diagnose or treat conditions. My practice is not suited for emergency mental health situations and does not intervene on behalf of a loved one. Thank you. 



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