Soma Healing Sessions 

In life, we move through experiences that leave a trace of trauma in our body, mind and soul. Often, this leads to a sense of loss from an essential part of ourselves. 

My private practice combines shamanic energy healing, somatic therapy, yoga psychology and meditation to help you move through a conscious healing process. 

In the yoga tradition, Soma is the flow of grace that comes from the heart of the Divine Mother. It's the source of renewal and rejuvenation. 

In my practice, I create a sacred and safe space for clients to connect with the wisdom of their heart, and gentle release the inner obstacles that are ready to shift. 

What awakens is your own healing nature, the inner knowing that leads you to self-recognition, self-compassion and self-love.  This is the transformative moment. 

Soma healing sessions are highly complimentary for yoga students and teachers. I offer both in-person sessions and long distance sessions that are equally beneficial.


New clients please fill out an application form to request a session.


Who are these sessions for?

  • ​Yoga students and teachers on a healing path.

  • Those experiencing life changes or challenges.

  • Those moving through a healing crisis. 

  • Navigating grief, loss and childhood trauma. 

  • PTSD, and symptoms of anxiety and fear. 

  • Feeling stuck or at a crossroads in your life.

  • Ready to journey inward to your spirit. 

"I hope I'm able to convey just how powerful and transformation working with Kristen was for me. Each session flowed into the next with a level of depth I haven't experienced anywhere else.  I connected to so much more than I anticipated or expected. Kristen provided enough context both within and outside of the sessions that I felt truly supported, and like my progress and growth was as much a priority for her as it was for me. This was a true partnership on every level and I'm beyond grateful." 

~ K. M




Hold space for your inner witness to arise as you

sense into your body, energy, emotions, thoughts and heart's deeper knowing.

Chakra Clearing

Release emotional imprints and heavy energies from your chakra centres for greater vitality and clarity in body and mind.

Energy Rites

Receive the Bands of Power Protection Rites to integrate your sessions, and nurture yourself with the healing energies of nature.

Shadow Work

Shed light on subconscious patterns of thought and emotion from the past, and breakthrough internal obstacles that hold you back. 

Somatic Release

Release traumatic impressions from body and mind, and repattern your nervous system with impressions of beauty from nature.

Soul Retrieval 

Reclaim the parts of yourself that were lost due to early childhood trauma, and create a new pathway through your mind and body. 

Perinatal + Birth

Transform imprints and impressions from the gestative and birth phases of life and heal the primary mother-child bond. 

 Ancestral Healing 

Release the familial, generational and ancestral stories that you no longer need to carry. Invite in the wisdom of your ancestral line.


Single Healing Session 

1.5 hrs  / 

$180 CAD

 An individual soma healing session will initiate a process of healing and self-understanding to shine a light on your path forward. Sessions begin with a short meditation, and move into energy work and soulful integration. I recommend more than one session to receive the full benefits of this inner work. 

Soul Retrieval Session 

2 hrs  / 

$220 CAD

 A soul retrieval journey into the four chambers of the soul, to heal past trauma and call back the parts of yourself that were lost due to shock and fear. Receive the gifts and inner medicine that you need to nurture a new commitment to life.


*Prerequisite of two healing sessions prior to soul retrieval session. 

Soul Journey Package

4 Sessions / 

$800 CAD

Receive the complete benefits of soma healing over four sessions. 

We meet every 2-3 weeks for a transformative process that guides you through a complete cycle of soul healing, one layer at a time. 


Session 1: Identify the hidden pattern that no longer serves you, and cleanse the first energetic layer of your being. This initial session prepares your energy body for deeper healing work. 1.5 hours. 


Session 2: Continue to unravel a subconscious pattern through body, mind and heart, and explore life experiences, primary relationships, perinatal and birth memories, and ancestral lineage. 1.5 hours. 

Session 3:  A soul retrieval journey into the four chambers of the soul, to heal past trauma and call back the parts of yourself that were lost due to shock. Receive the gifts and inner medicine that you need to nurture a new commitment to life. 2 hours. 


Session 4: A seven chakra illumination to help you transcend the energetic pattern of the past, and step into the light of a brand new cycle. Receive the Bands of Power Protection Rites to support your integration. 2 hours.

What are the benefits of healing work?

  • Deepen your relationship to self, others and life.

  • Release stressful emotions from body and mind. 

  • Repattern your nervous system after trauma. 

  • Break through subconscious mental blocks.

  • Connect with your inner voice and healing wisdom.

  • Gain greater clarity, self-understanding and self-love.

  • Open the flow of vital healing energy in your body.

  • Move forward with a sense of inner peace. 


Namaste, from Kristen

The ancient healing practices have served as a light on my path, and led me to hold space for others to transform their wounds into medicine. 

Since 2009, I've studied and certified in yoga practices, yoga nidra meditation, Ayurveda and yoga therapy, yoga psychology, energy healing, shamanism, and Vedic philosophy. 

Thank you to the teachers who have guided me professionally: 

  • Dr. Alberto Villoldo and the Four Winds Society for shamanic energy healing and the four directions of the medicine wheel. 

  • Dr. David Frawley and the American Institute of Vedic Studies for yoga, Ayurveda, Vedantic meditation, mantra, tantra, and yoga philosophy.

Personal gratitude to Swami Sivananda Radha and the Yasodhara Ashram, and to the Q'eros Nation for your healing lineage. Most of all, to the teacher within the heart

Please note:

Soma energy healing works in harmony with other holistic healthcare and therapeutic modalities.

These healing sessions aren't a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis and treatment.

As a practitioner, I do not diagnose or treat conditions nor do I offer traditional talk therapy or counselling. 

My practice is not suited for emergency mental health situations and does not intervene on behalf of a loved one. 

These healing sessions require a willingness to take full responsibility for your self-growth.

Thank you.