Yin Yoga Ritual

Celebrate the Summer Solstice

Join Kristen McCarthy for a 70 min yin yoga ritual to celebrate the magical passage from Spring to Summer. 

The Summer Solstice occurs when the sun reaches it's peak in the sky, and we are flooded with healing light.

This special ritual practice combines yin yoga with mantra and meditation to heal and revitalize your spiritual heart.

I invite you to create an intentional and sacred space at your mat with flowers, candles and personal items. 

$19 USD / 30 day access 


This is a pre-recorded class available for 30 days upon registration. You can choose the time and place for your practice. All purchases are non-refundable. 


Summer Solstice Practice Includes:

  • Yin Yoga postures for the summer solstice that revitalize our body, hearts and minds. 

  • Invocation of the Divine Light mantra to open and close our yin yoga practice. 

  • Solstice meditation, visualization and nyasa to consecrate points on our body with light. 

  • Set up a sacred space at your mat with flowers, candles and personal items. 

  • Soft, soothing and non-interfering background music for your practice. 

  • HD streaming for your phone, computer or t.v. 


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About Kristen

Kristen McCarthy is a Vancouver-based yoga teacher and the creator of the Yoga with Kristen YouTube channel. She's led thousands of students through the transformational practices of yoga with over a decade of teaching. She's passionate about sharing the life-changing benefits of a personal home yoga practice through her online yoga membership. Kristen also trains and certifies students, teachers and wellness practitioners in Yoga Nidra meditation with her in-depth online program Journey Into Wisdom. 

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