The EARTH Body 

The finest materials of our bodies are made of the five elements of nature: earth, water, fire, air and light. These elements live in dynamic movement within us, and are influenced by the same force that cycles one season into the next. Through the practices of yoga, we discover the language of our bodies; of tissue, muscle and bone. We reconnect to the animation of our breath that moves through us like the wind. We open the gateway of our hearts, where the flame of consciousness resides. When we return to equilibrium within the mind, body and heart, we become like Shiva, the one who dances at the centre of the wheel. Yoga is the art and science of union. It is a great homecoming within ourselves. This practice is for anyone who wishes for peace through self-understanding.  
















YOga & Meditation

The Vedic Rishis were the stewards of the Himalayan mountains. They were scientists of consciousness, who used methods of meditation and self-observation to perceive the nature of life. Ayurveda is the one of the oldest systems of medicine developed from an understanding of the five elements, and yoga works in conjunction with this holistic system to maintain health through internal balance. The practices of yoga help us cultivate a deeper awareness of ourselves through the multiple layers of our being: from the physical, energetic, mental and emotional, to the essential aspect of our nature. The gradual emergence of our essence are the flowers of a daily practice, and are expressed through new thoughts, words and actions that resonate with the core of who we are. I guide others in the process self-observation through an awareness of emotions, thoughts, beliefs and attitudes that impact the health of their living systems. I teach public classes and workshops in my community, and work individually with those who want to go deeper into the therapeutic aspects of a mind body practice. 


Hatha Yoga: A practice of Embodiment through breath and movement. On the physical level it aids the reconstruction of the muscular-skeletal system, detoxifies and tonifies all our major organs and functions, and stabilizes the nervous system. This practice integrates our polar energies and rebalances the two hemispheres of the brain. 


Yin Yoga: A practice that cultivates the quality of Receptivity within the body, mind and heart. Long held postures nourish and rehydrate the connective tissues: the fascia, tendons, and ligaments that bind, support and connect the major systems of the body. This is a deeply therapeutic practice of observation and inquiry into the mind and body connection. 


Restorative Yoga: A practice that restores Equilibrium to the central nervous system and prepares the mind for meditation. Supported postures rehabilitate the natural curvature of the spine, aid the passage of cerebrospinal fluid to the brain, and holds space for emotional digestion. As we return to the parasympathetic state of rest and repair, the being experiences inner quiet. 


Yoga Nidra:  A practice of Awareness that harmonizes the three levels of our minds. This ancient meditation technique is practiced in savasana, and guides us through a cognition of the five layers of our being:  physical, energetic, emotional, mental, and essential. One hour of practice provides the rest of four hours deep sleep, and awakens the natural healing intelligence of the body.


Yoga Sadhana:  A daily practice of Ritual that inspires our lives. Designed to balance the vital energies of an individual through the five elements, each practice includes: Asana (form), Pranayama (breath), Meditation (observation), Mudra (gesture) and Mantra (sound). The medicines of yoga create a ground within our daily lives that we can stand upon. This package includes an Ayurvedic assessment, three private sessions, and one personal home practice in electronic format. 



60 Min Private Session      ~    $105.00

Three Session Package     ~    $300.00


Yoga Sadhana Package  ~    $360.00 


 As a mature student in age and in practice I have benefited enormously from Kristen’s unique approach to yoga. Her ability to direct our awareness through visualization and her capacity to teach yoga to all levels is profound. Over the years I have benefited from her ever-increasing knowledge of Ayurvedic medicine. This knowledge and the practice of yin yoga under Kristen’s guidance has opened spaces in my body and has produced states of deep relaxation that
have healed and sustained me for years. I believe Kristen to be a deeply gifted practitioner and I am grateful for all of her guidance and care over the years.
– Patti Fraser, Ph.D
Yoga Nidra is unlike any other yoga practice I have ever experienced. Kristen takes you on an imaginative, relaxing journey, using nothing but her voice. You are awake and conscious during the whole experience, laying comfortably with bolsters yet, somehow you leave feeling like you had a wonderful four hour nap. I useYoga Nidra techniques to help myself sleep on restless nights. I have fallen in love with this practice. I cannot thank Kristen enough for sharing this sacred practice! 
- Chantelle Fontana
Kristen is an amazing yoga teacher. She continually explores ways to enrich her own practice and we then reap the benefits of that in her classes. Kristen's well-organized, thoughtful teaching style and warm confident voice resonates with me. There is a rich variety in each of her classes. Using clear detailed descriptions, demonstrations, suggestions, similes and metaphors she carefully yet creatively builds a foundation that comfortably stretches the limits of my practice.
- Egon Simons 
I enjoy Kristen's Yoga Nidra sessions regularly for the guided meditations and deep relaxation they offer. But they have also inspired some surprising physical effects and releases, and some unexpected insights into my own life and personality. I never know quite what expect so I always look forward to each new journey!
- Duart