About Yoga with Kristen

At Yoga with Kristen, we teach meditation and yoga to the local as well as online communities. We have been extremely fortunate to be able to reach so many souls with my teachings. Hailing from Vancouver, Kristen also provides you with professional training in Yoga Nidra meditation through our program Journey Into Wisdom, which is accredited by Yoga Alliance. Check out our Insight Timer profile to stay updated with our program and tips.


Kristen Says

​”These practices have been a huge gift in my life, and they consistently keep me grounded, present and connected to who I truly am. I'm so grateful to be able to share them with you.”

A Gift of Healing

For several years, Kristen has been teaching the practice of Yoga Nidra meditation in the community and says that it is one of her favourite practices. Her teachings have helped people shift subconscious stress and reclaim inner equilibrium. Kristen’s personal experience with PTSD and chronic pain led her to discover the healing benefits of the practice. Yoga Nidra connects us to our wisdom centre and harmonizes our body, mind, and spirit. We hope you appreciate this free Yoga Nidra gift and that you will return it anytime you need it.  

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