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Heart of the Heart

Return to inner stillness with seasonal yin yoga and meditation.


The Heart of the Heart is a yin yoga membership that honours the wisdom of nature and the seasonal cycles. 

The Yin principle is the flow of grace that guides you toward inner stillness and the transformative wisdom of your heart. 

This membership combines yin yoga, yin and yang flow, yoga nidra and meditation with traditional yoga therapy, somatic awareness and yoga psychology. 

Practices are designed to bring you into harmony with the cycles of the seasons, the moon, and elements of nature.

You're invited to deepen your practice, to honour the wisdom of your body, and step into the knowing of your heart to rest, heal and rejuvenate on all levels.


Your home yoga practice is truly the foundation of your wellbeing, and will support you for a lifetime. 



In this unique home membership, you will: 

  • Create space for holistic self-care in body, mind and spirit. 

  • Have the freedom to practice from the comfort of your home.  

  • Recover after a time of burnt out, trauma and injury. 

  • Transform stress and tension into relaxation and ease. 

  • Slow down, ground and reconnect to your body's knowing. 

  • Layer your practice with pranayama, mudra, mantra and more.  

  • Attune to the cycles of nature for inner peace and wellbeing. 


Membership Options

Explore four seasons of unlimited access to life-changing yoga and meditation practices!

Hosted on an HD streaming platform for your computer, phone or tv. ​

*All fees are in USD


Monthly Membership 
$29/month, cancel anytime.

  • MOST FLEXIBLE membership.  

  • Exclusive classes each month.  

  • Full membership library. 

  • Watch HD on any device.


6 Month Membership
$25/month, cancel anytime.

  •  SAVE $24 on your membership. 

  • Exclusive classes each month.  

  • Full membership library.

  • Watch HD on any device


12 Month Membership

$22/month, cancel anytime.

  • SAVE $78 on your membership. 

  • Exclusive classes each month.

  • Full membership library.

  • Watch HD on any device


In this unique home membership, you'll receive: 

  • 200 + classes for yin yoga, yoga flow, yin and yang, and yoga nidra.  

  • Exclusive full length members only practices added EVERY month. 

  • Ad-free youtube practices, and classes no longer offered on youtube. 

  • Monthly yoga calendars + playlists inspired by seasonal and moon cycles. 

  • Seasonal practices, new moon classes, yin yoga rituals and more. 

  • Yoga therapy series, curated yoga collections, and themed playlists. 

  • HD quality streaming for your computer, phone or tv. 

  • Unlimited access to a variety of class lengths, styles and focuses. 

  • Heart of the Heart private yoga community to connect and share. 



Exclusive series included in your home yoga membership: 

  • 7 Days of Rest yin yoga program to reset your nervous system. 

  • Seasonal Ritual practices for the solstices and equinoxes. 

  • 12 New Moon yin practices to guide you through the lunar rhythms. 

  • Taoist yin yoga series for the 5 elements, emotions and spirit. 

  • Chakra yin yoga series with bija mantras to balance your energy. 

  • Tantric yin and yang series for the 5 elements (tattavs) and kundalini. 

  • Wisdom Goddess yin yoga, mantra and meditation series. 



  • Yin yoga lovers who want to deepen into the mind, body and spiritual dimensions of their practice. 

  • ​Students of any level who are ready to commit to a home yoga practice and learn more from Kristen. 

  • Anybody recovering from burn-out, PTSD or trauma, who wants time and space for personal healing.  

  • Yoga students and teachers who want to learn more about traditional yoga therapy. 

  • Anyone seeking a safe, skillful and experienced yoga teacher to deepen and grow their home practice. 

  • ​Students seeking a slow, grounded and meditative approach to yoga practice. 

  • Students who want to combine their yoga practices with the cycles of the seasons, sun, moon and earth. 


"Yoga with Kristen is such a gift! Balancing, soothing, grounding and illuminating. A bliss both for body and soul. I would recommend it to anybody." 

~ Maria Chiara


My student's speak about their experiences with my online classes:

"Practicing yoga with Kristen online these past couple years has been such a blessing. Having the ability to access her teachings regularly, she has become like a steady companion and consistent healing presence ."

- Kaili B.

"Kristen's classes became a major part of my recovery journey. She has an instinctive understanding of Yoga and how to deliver a space with safety, not just for the physical body, but for the emotional needs and the mind."

-Mary B.

"Kristen's online classes offer a wonderful, calm, supportive way to practice yoga from your own home. Her classes are a form of meditation in their own right: with just the right soothing tone, helpful instructions, and attunement to the inspiring and natural world."

-Paul M.

" I love the seasonal and moon focus of the membership,  which has increased my awareness of the earth’s cycles. Although I can read about them, doing yoga with these cycles brings a more profound experience of them,
which affects me at a deep cellular level."

-Rebecca P.



Kristen McCarthy is a Vancouver based yoga teacher, and the creator of the Yoga with Kristen YouTube channel. Over the past decade, she's led thousands of students through the transformational practices of yoga, and trains teachers in the practice of Yoga Nidra. She's trained in traditional yoga therapy and yoga psychology, and is known for her skill in guiding somatic based yin yoga and yoga nidra practices. Her classes are inspired by the grace of the natural world, and the Vedic wisdom that guides us toward our inner nature. 

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