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Student Experiences

inside Journey Into Wisdom

"Journey Into Wisdom deepened my connection to my inner voice on a profound level. It opened my communication with the different levels of my consciousness, and I feel more aware of the messages coming through. I feel so much more receptive than before. This program is a profound experience of wisdom sharing that helps you connect with your inner vision, true voice, clarity of your heart."

Lisa C.

"This program and the practices that I learned, were keys to opening the door to vital inner knowing that I have sought for years. Yoga Nidra has been a real gift, and having the support of a group led by Kristen made a huge difference in my ability to go deep and learn. Journey Into Wisdom is like walking a path with a caring and knowledgeable guide. This program was a full- being experience that can be continued as a practice that is deeply nurturing on many levels."

Sandra L.

"Journey Into Wisdom gave me such insight into myself I never thought possible. Struggling with anxiety and PTSD, I needed a solution that would allow me to go within myself and get to the ROOT. This program did that and more. I was gently taught and coached to sit with myself and hear my inner voice, and go through the layers to get to the root of my inner belief systems. This was a major turning point in my healing journey. I never thought Yoga Nidra would be the answer I have been looking for for years."

Arlene B.

“This Yoga Nidra program is so well written and is a true journey into your own wisdom. The beauty about the program are the guided Yoga Nidra meditations and explanations about each individual Kosha. Once you start with the program you don't want to stop as the benefits of practising are becoming evident real soon. I can highly recommend the program if one is looking to expand their inner journey and want to learn about the benefits of practising Yoga Nidra."

Janet B.

"Thank-you for the content that you so skillfully put together for this course. Honestly, even through the craziness of this year, I kept coming back to these modules. Revisiting different lessons. Revisiting the practices. It provided me with a lot of support and healing. You are an excellent teacher; so clear, articulate and compassionate in your communication. Teachers have an important role right now and your work is helping people in more ways than you know." 

Carlene M.

“This training helped me with my own personal healing! The voice of my soul came though, and I’m so grateful! I never thought true healing was possible. I thought I’d be broken forever. I thought meditation and Yoga Nidra would be just another band aid-

a nice lovely band aid- but a band aid.

I was wrong! This training was a glimpse of what’s possible with regular meditation. Journey Into Wisdom is the best Yoga Nidra training out there."

Jo P.

"I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the program. The knowledge and insights within the program have given me the courage to deepen my practice and assist others as they begin their journey. Thank you for all your support and thoughtfulness, I am truly honoured to have had the opportunity to work with you. You are a wise and caring person and your teaching showed the same compassion and clarity."

Tianna B.

"This program is a personal journey into deepening your meditation practice, connecting to your soul's wisdom, all while being supported by a beautiful culmination of learnings dedicated to facilitating a strong, insightful Yoga Nidra practice. The richness of material and structured layout was amazing. It provided a deeper understanding of the Koshas and created a pathway to understanding the process of Yoga Nidra. The meditations, and Yoga Nidra sessions were truly incredible and very healing."

Nadine M.

"Journey Into Wisdom is a beautiful articulate teaching of sacred knowledge, and a very powerful guide into a deeper understanding of all the layers of self, and how they all work together as a whole and how to incorporate them in daily life. And as a result, a calmer more quiet mind which makes you feel great!"

Janice D.

"This yoga nidra course takes you on a journey in which you go layer by layer, deeper within. Kristen provided a safe environment for people to ask questions, and talk about their experiences with understanding, warmth, and also light and fun communication. It helped me go deeper within, and get to places I had never been before and understand, question and investigate what came up with love, acceptance, patience and healing. A wonderful course, I am really happy I had the opportunity to take part in it."

Susanna R.

"Journey Into Wisdom is a gem of a course. It's one of the best yoga courses I have invested in. Kristen is very caring and her voice is effortless to listen to. The course is detailed, yet spacious enough for me to be creative and explore understandings and insights."

Ntathu A.

"I highly recommend this amazing program for anyone considering embarking on this journey! It's been almost three years and the gems of wisdom, praxis and practice that Kristen shared continue to deeply serve and inspire me!"

Kathleen C.

"Journey Into Wisdom is like a retreat for personal grow and learning. Whether you are looking for learning a new yoga practice or something personal, Journey Into Wisdom is precious course that will not only give you the knowledge and techniques of Yoga Nidra, but also a sense of feeling and reconnection with your own being."

Alexandra S.

"Journey Into Wisdom is a beautifully curated program to lead you back home, back to your self. I especially enjoyed the audio lessons and the variety of yoga nidra sessions.  Primarily I did this program for myself, but all the inner reflections through the guided practices have inspired me to facilitate yoga nidra sessions more frequently and as their own classes. Kristen has such a soothing voice and she gently guides you through the layers to find your inner wisdom. Thank you so much Kristen for all the love that you have poured in this program."

Nea B.

"This program has allowed me to deepen my own understanding of mindfulness practices and deepen my spirituality in order to better serve my clients. I would describe this program as a stepping stone to furthering mindfulness and conscious awareness on oneself through meditation. This can than be translated to handling day to day life and with time teaching others the same practices."

Ashley S.

“This is one of the most impactful online training programs I have taken. It is far beyond an online program, but a true journey into your self and your soul! If you're yearning to understand yourself and the world around you through the rich layers of your consciousness, I can't recommend Kristen and this powerful program highly enough. "

Lisa C.

"Yoga Nidra is one way to work under the pattern to give us the possibility for new patterns to take root. There are many tools to create more mindful awareness in life. This one is pretty amazing, because it works with the body. We can heal, not only our physical wounds, but those wounds that hide beneath, and affect how we are able to show up in the world. Yoga Nidra is my most powerful tool for transforming my mind and perceptions into more embodied heart felt truth."

Heather B.

"Journey Into Wisdom was a very thorough educational journey into what yoga nidra is about and all the layers of the practice. It was also a rich deep dive personally with lots of insight and healing."

Suvali Z.
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