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Reset Your Nervous System

Do you need support to slow down, breathe, and come back into mind body balance?


When we are caught in cycles of stress, anxiety and sleeplessness we lose touch with our breath, our body and our inner peace. This is a sign to regulate our nervous system, and rediscover what it means to truly rest. 


A balanced nervous system is the key to managing stress in your day to day life.


This program guides you through 7 progressive stages of relaxation over a one week period, so you can shed layers of stress from your nervous system, and access a healing space of deep inner stillness and rejuvenation.

You'll explore evening yin yoga and meditation practices with supporting yoga therapy techniques to help you return to balance in body, mind and heart. 


Accessible for all levels of students.



  • Reset your nervous system and deepen mind body relaxation.

  • Regulate your sleep cycle so you can wake up refreshed.

  • Unwind tension from your whole body to prepare for bedtime.

  • Clear your mind so you can fall asleep with more ease.

  • Release subconscious emotional and mental tension.

  • Establish an evening routine that keeps you in balance.

  • Prioritize your self-care to make you more resilient to stress.

Registration CLOSED 

Transform Layers of Stress

This progressive yin yoga series will unwind layers of stress from your nervous system, so you can return to mind body balance.  Each pre-recorded practice is 30 minutes, available on-demand, and accessible for all levels. 

Day 1: Body 

Yin yoga and guided body scan to release muscular tension and reset nerve pathways to your brain.

Day 2: Breath

Yin  yoga and yoga breath to slow down your brainwaves, and shift you into the parasympathetic nervous system.

Day 3: Energy

Yin yoga and pranayama to rejuvenate your nervous system through the cooling qualities of the moon.

Day 4:  Senses

Yin yoga and sensory withdrawal (pratyhara) to soothe your nervous system and clear your mind of tension. 

Day 5:  Mind

Yin yoga and mantra to heal your mind with ancient sound and vibration, and welcome in quietude. 

Day 6:  Silence 

Yin yoga and silence (mauna) to absorb the deeper wisdom of silence within your practice. 

Day 7: Inner Bliss 

Yoga Nidra meditation to carry your awareness into a deep state of meditative bliss. 

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What Students Say:

"Kristen's classes became a major part of my recovery journey. She has an instinctive understanding of Yoga and how to deliver a space with safety, not just for the physical body, but for the emotional needs and the mind."
~ Mary B, from USA
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  • Immediate access to the evening yin yoga series (3.5 hours)

  • 7 x 30 min evening practices to reset your nervous system. 

  • 1 x 20 page booklet to guide you through each stage of rest. 

  • Yin yoga, yoga nidra, pranayama, mantra + trataka practices. 

  • Soft and soothing background music from Calm Whale.

  • Practices on-demand in HD streaming for your computer, phone or TV. 

  • Life-time access to the evening yin yoga series. 


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Kristen McCarthy is a Vancouver based yoga teacher, and the creator of the Yoga with Kristen YouTube channel. Over the past decade, she's led thousands of students through the transformational practices of yoga, and is passionate about sharing the healing benefits of a personal home practice. She's trained in traditional yoga therapy and yoga psychology, and is known for her skill in guiding yin yoga and yoga nidra meditation practices. Her classes are inspired by the grace of the natural world, and the Vedic wisdom that guides us toward our inner nature. 


When does the program start?

You can access the program immediately upon registration. Download the digital program booklet, and click the link inside to access the pre-recorded series.

Are the practices exclusive to this program?

Yes, each practice was designed specifically for this evening yin yoga program through the lens of yoga therapy. It's best practiced in sequence.


How much is the program?

The program is $49 USD for life-time / on-demand access. 

How is the program delivered?

The program is delivered through a secure membership platform with HD streaming to your computer, phone or TV.  You decide where and when you want to practice.


Email Kristen directly:


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