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Embrace the Wisdom of Winter

It can be hard to surrender to the stillness of the Winter months. The cold and dark days can make us feel depleted, depressed, and emotionally stuck. But there is also a healing wisdom to the Winter season.


Winter is a sacred time of rest and rejuvenation on a deep cellular level of our being. This self-paced yoga therapy program guides you into harmony with the Winter season through your yoga practices. It's rooted in the healing system of traditional yoga therapy and Ayurveda to bring you time honoured wisdom. 


You'll receive a series of daily winter practices and rituals (sadhana) for your mornings and evenings that include: yin yoga, hatha yoga, wellness rituals, self-reflections and guided mediations. When you harmonize your practices with the wisdom of the season, you create a foundation of wellbeing in body, mind and soul.


  • EMBRACE a daily practice that aligns you with the wisdom of the Winter months.

  • INTEGRATE the healing system of Ayurveda into your yoga practices and lifestyle.

  • STRENGTHEN your immune system from a traditional yoga therapy perspective.

  • IGNITE your agni - the digestive fire that warms and revitalizes your life force.

  • CULTIVATE ojas - the vital fluids that  restore your tissues and immune system. 

  • HONOUR the healing stillness that lives at the heart of the Winter season.

  • DISCOVER the power animal that guides you through your Winter soul lessons.


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This seasonal yoga therapy program guides you through practices that nourish your body, mind and spirit in the Winter months. Each practice is exclusive to this program, and delivered through a secure online platform with HD streaming for your computer, phone or TV. Practices are for all levels of students.



RISE WITH THE SUN | 35 min sun salutations

Begin your morning with a practice of sun salutations to warm your spine and increase circulation through the body. A sadhana to connect you with the light of the rising sun.

BRIGHTEN YOUR HEART | 60 min yin & yang

Heart opening backbends to clear congestion from your lungs, deep twists for digestion, and lateral bends for lymph flow. A sadhana to tend to the sacred fire of your heart.

LIGHT YOUR FIRE | 15 min pranayama

Strengthen your digestive fire (agni) that cleanses toxins from your system. A sadhana to clear your mind, and illuminate the path before you.





RELEASE & LET GO | 75 min yin yoga

Nourish the fluids of your body, strengthen your kidneys, and release patterns of fear from your deep tissues layers. A sadhana to help you surrender into the flow of life.

NOURISH TISSUES | 60 min yin + restorative

Build your immunity through the cultivation of ojas (fluids) that nourish and fortify your tissues. A sadhana to fill the reservoir of your physical, mental and spiritual strength.

REST YOUR BONES | 25 min yoga nidra 

Rest in savasana, a space of healing where you will rejuvenate the bones of your body, and expand your awareness into the deepest tissue layer of the heart. A sadhana to reconnect you with the wisdom of stillness.




1 x Shamanic Power Animal Journey

Journey into the soul landscape to connect with your winter animal spirit to integrate the lessons and gifts of the Winter cycle.​

33 page Winter Sadhana eBook  

Deepen your journey with Ayurvedic rituals for mornings and evenings, yoga therapy practice tips, a special winter healing ritual, self-reflection questions, and dream journal. 

What Students Say:

"Winter Wellness is a lovely invitation to journey within in accordance with the winter season and is filled with guidance, wisdom, yoga sessions, and meditation practices that encourage inner reflection. Truly a wonderful offering!" ~ Donna, F. 

A nurturing, kind and balanced program with clear and gentle instruction. Everything I needed to keep connected with my intention through the dark and introspective season." ~ Jennifer L.

"The whole program resonated with what my body needed to lead me through the winter season." ~ Heather B.

"Kristen's guidance through the winter program was a supportive and healing experience for me on every level. I found more self-care, relaxation and peace in the darker days." ~ Carleen D.



  • Anyone who wants to support their immune system and overall health.

  • Students who want a set of daily practices to keep them balanced throughout the Winter.

  • Those who want to explore the benefits of a seasonal yoga practice.

  • Teachers and students who want to learn more about the tradition of Ayurveda.

  • Those who want to connect to the wisdom of the Winter cycle in body, heart and mind.

  • Anyone who struggles with imbalance, low-energy and depression in the Winter months.


  • 6 hour Winter Wellness yoga therapy program for immune support.

  • 6 x exclusive yoga practices in HD streaming for computer, phone or tv.

  • 1 x shamanic spirit animal journey into the soul landscape.

  • 33 page Winter Wellness e-book packed with Ayurvedic wisdom.

  • Gratitude journal with self-reflection questions for each practice.

  • Extra Ayurvedic lifestyle tips to support immunity throughout the Winter.

  • Morning and evening rituals and practices for wellbeing.

  • Winter healing ritual to receive the soul medicine of the season.

  • Yoga Alliance Continuing Education credits for teachers.


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Kristen McCarthy is a Vancouver based yoga teacher, and the creator of the Yoga with Kristen YouTube channel. Over the past decade, she's led thousands of students through the transformational practices of yoga, and is passionate about sharing the healing benefits of a personal home practice. She's trained in traditional yoga therapy and yoga psychology, and is known for her skill in guiding yin yoga and yoga nidra meditation practices. Her classes are inspired by the grace of the natural world, and the Vedic wisdom that guides us toward our inner nature. 


When does the program start?

Access the program the same day as your registration! Download the booklet attached to your invoice, and click the link inside to access the online classroom.

Is this program Yoga Alliance certified?

Yes, yoga teachers can apply for continuing education credits.


How much is the program?

The program is $99 for life-time access. 

How is the program delivered?

The program is delivered through a secure membership platform with HD streaming to your computer, phone or TV.  You decide where and when you want to practice.


Email Kristen directly:

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