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Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Float in the healing zone between waking and sleeping

This yin yoga and yoga nidra practice will connect you with the healing waters of the moon.

Our practice begins with yin yoga postures to soften stress from the body, and to open the flow of energy through the body and mind.

We'll finish with a guided yoga nidra meditation to deepen into the subconscious mind, and invite in the healing energies of the moon.

Dream Yoga Practice

This combination of yin yoga and yoga nidra meditation will guide you into a healing zone between waking and sleeping where you can release subconscious emotional stress.

Try this as a dream yoga practice before bed to help you maintain awareness of your dreams, and mov into a deep state of sleep. You'll wake up feeling restored in your body and mind.

Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra Sequence

All you need is a quiet space to practice with no outside distractions for the duration of practice:

Dragonfly pose: Extend your legs to the edges of your mat, and melt your body forward. Support your chest and forehead with props, and simply float in this meditative posture.

  • Deer Pose with Twist: Bring your legs into ninety degree angles, and find a gentle abdominal twist to the left. Fold over your front thigh to massage the hip, and then switch sides.

  • Bridge Pose: Lower onto your back and support your sacrum with a folded blanket, foam block, bolster or stack of books. Breathe into the compression at the lower back.

  • Savasana: Release the lower back in butterfly pose, and then slowly extend your body into a sleep position. Support your knees and add blankets over you body to stay warm.

  • Pratyahara: Yoga nidra is a practice of withdrawing the senses from the outer world. Follow the sound of my voice to connect with the inner current, and the healing prana of the moon.

Let me know how you liked this combination of yin yoga and yoga nidra in the comments.

Please share this practice with your friends!

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