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Yin Yoga for Good Dreams

Become aware of your dreamscape

Join me for a yin yoga practice that prepares your body and mind for sleep and lucid dreams.

In the Winter months, we naturally sleep longer and deeper throughout the nights. This is the perfect season to begin a dream yoga practice and keep a dream journal.

Dreams emerge when our brainwaves slow into theta waves, which activates rapid eye movement.

Dreams for Emotional Integration

Dreams are a healthy way to integrate the emotional impressions stored in our subconscious mind, and tap into intuitive insights, and creative solutions for our waking life.

But typically, we are unaware when we are dreaming, and don't make the most of this state.

Dream Yoga Techniques

Yoga and meditation techniques, like yin yoga, pranayama, mantra and yoga nidra help us become aware in our dreams, and ultimately the conscious creators of our dreams.

When prana circulates into the astral body, the subtle sheath of the Manomaya kosha, it creates movement in the subconscious mind - to help us recognize and integrate our deeper emotions.

Dream yoga is a whole science that comes from Tibet, and it's quite advanced.

But the first step to working with dreams, is to prepare your body and mind for sleep, slow down your brainwaves before bed, and create an intention to remember your dreams.

Yin Yoga for Good Dreams

Try this yin yoga practice in the evening to prepare for sleep and open the flow of prana through the body and mind.

Keep a dream journal by your bed, and write down your dreams first thing in the morning.

Remember, the symbols in your dreams are the language of your subconscious, and are personal to you. Meditate on your dream impressions and connect to their emotional flavour.

And let me know how the practice went for you in the comments below the video!

Please share this practice with your friends!

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