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Yin Yoga Full Body Deep Stretch

Release tension from the six major fascia lines of the body

Join me for a yin yoga full body deep stretch that unwinds the six major fascia lines in the body: the back line, front line, lateral lines, spiral lines, and the front and back arm lines.

Fascia and Yin Yoga

The fascia is an interconnected web of connective tissue that binds and supports the whole body, from the bones and joints to the internal organs.

This living system is often described as a liquid crystalline matrix that conducts the flow of fluids and electrical impulses through nerve tissue and blood vessels.

It's also an intelligent communication system that picks up subtle signals from both our internal and external environments. The fascia has an innate wisdom that we can tap into.

Each of the six major fascia lines stores subconscious holding patterns that are connected to subconscious thoughts and emotions. These manifest in tense and tight physical postures.

For instance, where do we shield and protect ourselves through chronic contraction? And what are we protecting ourselves from?

When the fascia becomes dehydrated due to subconscious habits in our posture, inflammation from injuries, and the natural aging process - then our mobility becomes limited and painful.

Yin yoga practice hydrates the superficial and deep fascia lines of the body, and over time will reveal and unwind the deeper holding patterns in the tissues.

The meditative aspect of the practice helps us understand the cause and effect of physical holding patterns in the mind and emotions.

When we listen through stillness, we access the wisdom of the fascia.

Yin Yoga Poses for Fascia:

This full body deep stretch invites you to explore the six major fascia lines of the body, and the subconscious holding patterns that may arise:

  • Caterpillar Pose: This posture connects to the back line, which begins as a tissue bundle in the soles of the feet, and continues up the back of the legs, spine, neck and over the head.

  • Broken Wing Pose: This posture opens the front line of the arms from the centre of the chest, across the front of the shoulders, inner arms, palms and fingers.

  • Thread the Needle Pose: This postures massages the back line of the arms, from the shoulder blades to the backs of shoulders, arms and hands.

  • Saddle Pose: This intermediate posture opens the front line of the body from the toes, hips flexors, abdomen, chest, and throat.

  • Banana Pose: This posture stretches and compresses the side of the body from the outer ankle, hip, waist, ribcage and into the side of the neck.

  • Twist with Variation: This twist extends the top leg straight to access the full spiral line, that loops around the back and front of the body to the foot.

Let me know after practice if you were able to tap into the wisdom of the fascia in the comments!

Please share this practice with your friends!

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