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Yoga with Kristen

Deepen your yin yoga and meditation practice based on the ancient healing wisdom of traditional yoga therapy and the cycle of the seasons. 

The Peace of Yoga from
the Comfort of Your Home.


In recent years, people have started realizing the benefits of yoga and meditation. At Yoga with Kristen, we aim to facilitate the people in Vancouver and around the world to get access to professional meditation and yoga programs. We have a lot of experience in helping people improve their quality of life and for better health without relying on medicines. Our yoga and meditation programs are designed to fit right into your busy schedule, and due to our online courses, you can follow the path to healing at your convenience. Become a member today and get regular updates about our programs. To know more about meditation and yoga in general, you can explore our blogs.

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Hi, I’m Kristen

I'm a yoga, meditation, and shamanic energy healing teacher who works with individuals online as well as local communities from Vancouver, Canada.

I also offer professional training in Yoga Nidra meditation through my Yoga Alliance accredited program ‘Journey Into Wisdom’. 


These practices have been a huge gift in my life, and they consistently keep me grounded, present and connected to who I truly am.

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Yoga Nidra Online Program

In current usage, Yoga Nidra or yogic sleep is a state of awareness that occurs between waking and sleeping and is usually generated by a guided meditation. Discover the healing benefits of Yoga Nidra meditation with this immersive training for yoga students, teachers and inner seekers.

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Free 3-day Yoga Nidra Journey

Join our 3-day Yoga Nidra Journey and take the first step towards better health and personal well being.

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7-day Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra Journey

Our free 7-day Yoga Nidra and Yin Yoga Journey program can help you relieve anxiety, depression and stress.

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Yoga with Kristen Membership

 Become a member at Yoga with Kristen and get a range of added benefits.

What Students Say

I'm grateful to be able to support the mind and body wellbeing of so many people over the years. Here are a few words from some of my online yoga students: 

She Has Become Like a Steady Companion

"Practicing yoga with Kristen online these past couple years has been such a blessing. Having the ability to access her teachings regularly, she has become like a steady companion and consistent healing presence ."

Kali B., from nature body flow

Kristen's Classes Became a Major Part of My Recovery Journey

"Kristen's classes became a major part of my recovery journey. She has an instinctive understanding of Yoga and how to deliver a space with safety, not just for the physical body, but for the emotional needs and the mind."

Mary B., yoga teacher

Her Classes Are a Form of Meditation in Their Own Right

"Kristen's online classes offer a wonderful, calm, supportive way to practice yoga from your own home. Her classes are a form of meditation in their own right: with just the right soothing tone, helpful instructions, and attunement to the inspiring and natural world."

Paul M.

I Recommend Your Yoga Classes to Anyone Seeking a Healthier and Calmer Spirit

"Kristen 's classes provide not only the movement and exercise that my body needs but they are also done with an amazing peacefulness and calmness. I recommend your yoga classes to anyone seeking a healthier and calmer spirit."


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