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Hi, I'm Kristen

I work in the healing arts of yoga, meditation, and shamanic energy healing. 

I'm a teacher, private practitioner and the creator of the Journey Into Wisdom online program. 


I hold space for intuitive, creative and soulful women to move through a conscious healing process on all levels of their being.

​I believe the world needs women to step into their inner strengths, knowledge and wisdom  - to share their medicine gifts. 

I invite you to become the heroine of your life journey, and to step forward on your path. 

Why Shamanic Healing?

 Deep Healing Through Ancient Wisdom & Modern Neuroscience:  

Kristen Ann McCarthy Healing Arts

Chakra Cleansing & Balancing

Release emotional imprints and heavy energies from your chakra centres and central nervous system for greater vitality in body and mind.  

Shadow Work & Extractions

Shed light on subconscious patterns of thought and emotion from the past, and breakthrough the internal obstacles that hold you back. 

Soul Retrieval Journey

Reclaim the parts of yourself that were lost due to early childhood trauma, and create a new pathway through your mind and body. 

Perinatal, Birth & Ancestral Healing

Transform imprints from the gestation and birth phases of life, and release the familial and ancestral stories that you no longer need to carry. 

Meditation & Self Observation

Journey into your inner landscape to observe the emotions, thoughts and beliefs that create holding patterns in energy and body. 

Soul Mapping & Integration

Create a map of your soul to connect to your intuition and knowing, and integrate your understanding on all levels of body, mind and spirit


"Kristen's work came into my life when I was going through a lot of personal upheaval, and  it changed me profoundly. I found a way to feel my own sense of strength again, and to become more of who I am in the world. Kristen works at a deep level that goes beyond what we may understand about ourselves.”

~ Maria S.


Energy Healing

& Meditation 

Are you being called to make big changes in your life? Healing sessions for the mind, body and soul can shed a light on your path forward. 

Yoga Nidra

Online Program 

Are you a seeker, holistic healer, yoga student or teacher? Journey into Wisdom explores the healing benefits of Yoga Nidra Meditation. 



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