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New Moon Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga for the Taurus New Moon

Join me for a new moon yin yoga practice that connects us to the taurus season and the creative cycles of the earth.

Taurus is a creative, sensual and stable earth energy that's ruled by the planet Venus. It teaches us how to grow our dreams with solid foundations that are based on the principles of love.

New Moon Intentions

Each new moon cycle is an opportunity to set an intention (sankalpa) for the month ahead, which will grow and flower at the peak energies of the full moon.

The gift of the taurus new moon is that it grounds our energies, and helps us manifest the seeds of our intentions into tangible, physical form (earth) and personal expression (venus).

Taurus Yoga Poses

This meditative new moon practice gently opens the tissue surrounding the two creative centres of the body: the sacral chakra (pelvis, hips, back) and throat chakra (shoulders, neck, throat).

  • Modified Eagle Arms: Begin with gentle neck and shoulder rolls, and then cross one arm overtop and give yourself a hug. Breathe slowly into the back of your heart. Switch sides.

  • Lateral Butterfly: Melt over one knee with a supportive prop under your forehead. Soften your neck and shoulders and breathe into the side of your hips, waist and ribcage. Switch sides.

  • Full Butterfly: Open deeply across the sacrum and into the hips, low back and inner thighs. Breathe into the back of your heart and neck. Allow the head to release fully into gravity.

  • Supported Fish: Use a bolster or firmly rolled blanket along your spine and relax your legs. Breathe across the chest, collarbone, and into the front of your throat. Let go of tension.

  • Spinal Twist: Stack your knees and drop them to each side of the body for several minutes. Open your heart, and feel the twist move into your neck and throat.

Do you set intentions for the new moon cycle? I'd love to hear from you in the comments!


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