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New Moon Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga for the Leo New Moon

This new moon yin yoga practice connects us to the leo energies and the radiance of our heart.

New Moon in Leo

The new moon is a time to plant the seeds of our intentions for the next cycle. This month the new moon is in the warm and heart-centred sign of Leo.

Leo is a fixed fire sign that's ruled by the radiance of the sun. In the yoga tradition, the seeds of the sun are said to reside in the spiritual heart.

The wisdom of Leo teaches us about the nobility and sovereignty of the heart. It reminds us to trust the strength and power of the guiding light within us.

Leo Yin Yoga Sequence

This new moon yin practice opens the flow of prana to the heart, through the upper body, chest, thoracic spine, shoulders and arm lines:

  • Seated Meditation: Begin with a breath meditation to connect the cosmic energies to the heart space. Breath in through the crown of your head, and exhale through the heart.

  • Butterfly With Variation: Add a variation for your arms. Cross left arm over the right, and hug your shoulders. Melt forward and breath into the back of your heart. Repeat opposite side.

  • Quarter Dog Pose: Come to all fours, and extend your left arm forward. Melt your heart, and cross your right forearm underneath your forehead. Repeat opposite side.

  • Child's Pose Variation: Rest into child's pose, and walk your arms to the left to stretch through the side body. Breath into the side of your rib cage. Repeat opposite side.

  • Supported Fish: Use two yoga blocks or a bolster to support your upper back and the base of your head. Open deeply through the front of your chest, and return to your breath meditation.

  • Savasana: Take time to integrate your practice in corpse pose.

Allow your new moon intention or sankalpa to arise from your yin yoga practice. Follow the guidance of your heart to what is true for you. Did you enjoy this practice? Let me know in the comments!


Please share this practice with your friends!

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