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Yin Yoga for Adrenals

Restore your vitality when you're exhausted.

Yin Yoga for adrenals restores your vital energy when you are physically and mentally exhausted.

Adrenal Burnout

Both the adrenal glands and kidneys are intimately connected to our cycles of activity and rest. They play a significant role in our ability to recover from stress and trauma.

Our adrenal glands are connected to the element of fire, and help us to get up and go.

But, when our adrenals are stressed they produce high levels of adrenaline and cortisol. These stress hormones effect our autonomic nervous system on a profound level.

We see changes in our sleep, blood pressure, metabolism, body temperature and mood.

Over time this weakens our kidneys, and depletes our storehouse of vital energy.

This leads to exhaustion and burn out in mind and body. Not to mention back pain!

Balance Fire with Water

Our kidneys are connected to the element of water, and provide us with rejuvenation and deep rest. Within the kidneys is our vibrant life essence or jing, ready to reawaken.

This 45 minute yin practice massages and compresses the tissue that surrounds the kidneys and adrenal glands. This increases the circulation of blood and lymph flow to these organs.

On a deeper energetic level, this practice balances the elements of fire and water within our mind and body. It asks us to bring awareness to how we use our energy, both in activity and rest.

When we balance our internal energies, we discover a fountainhead of wellbeing within us.

Let me know in the comments how you feel after practice!

Please share this practice with your friends!

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